Founded in 2016 by Moshe Capelouto and Miriam Nichterlein, Minted Jewelry is a culmination of two self-professed perfectionists and design nerds, and a shared love of premium quality, unique jewelry pieces.

With over 13 years experience in the diamond business as diamond cutter, Moshe has developed a sharp eye for design and the finer details of this highly meticulous trade, learned from his father Albert, a diamond cutter since the 1960’s. Moshe spends his days working with his father, cutting and re-cutting diamonds for some of the largest and most prestigious jewelry houses in the country. Their unique XXX cut is specific to their company, and increases not only sparkle and luster of diamonds, but also their value, a science that their Moshe and his father are renowned for in LA.

Over time Moshe has focused more and more attention in to designing the jewelry pieces that hold the stones he so meticulously cuts, and works with exclusive clientele on one-of-a-kind custom jewelry pieces.

Miriam, an Australian native, has been a professional make-up artist for the last 10 years. She is known for meticulous work with skin and a light touch that enhances the face in just the right places. Miriam is signed artist with ATELIER Management, has an interior design background, and a passion for high quality design with a quirky edge. Surrounded on a daily basis by high fashion and accessories, she has developed a natural flair and passion for creating looks that illuminate a woman’s beauty. Making jewelry is just an extension of that.